Shedding Weight – An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Losing weight

Being overweight is something dreaded by all. Though you can be chubby and cute, people will tell you to lose some pounds to look better or to have a healthier life. The more the fat in your body, the more are the risks of heart failure, diabetics, blood pressure irregularities and hormonal imbalance. Being a size-zero is not appreciated, but one should try to keep their weight according to BMU (Body Mass Unit) which is the ideal weight according to age and height.

The Struggles for weight loss

We see that people take a lot of pain in trying to lose weight. They get out of their comfort zones and do things which instead of helping them, damage their health and body. Our bodies are delicate and require a certain amount of minerals, substances in order to keep functioning finely. If we overdo things, our bodies will lose their stamina, their essence and our health will collapse. Crash diets, excessive exercises, doing hungry for hours, will let you shed weight, yes, but as soon as you stop following the routine, you will regain your weight sooner and greater than ever.

Healthier, Lighter and Simple Diet

You can lose weight without going over-the-board. Just by following a healthy lifestyle, you can not only burn your fats but also get fairer skin, stronger body and more efficient organs. Try to change your diet. Cut out the junk food, oily things, and sugar and minimize the intake of carbohydrates. Increase the intake of liquids. The more water you drink, the more you flush out the toxins and waste getting stored in your body. Fall in love with flaxseed, husk and other fiber-sources and nibble them as if snacks, they are great for detoxing your body. Add a lot of fruits, and vegetables – raw, boiled or steamed. Grill your meat, and avoid larger servings.

Move Your Body Around

Stop being lazy and move around. Keep your body in movement. You do not have to do difficult cardio routines, which will make you numb and hurt; you can always replace it by easier and smaller exercises for less duration of time, divided into different parts of the day. If you increase the number of steps you take daily, you will feel the change. Use stairs, get your bicycle out of your storeroom, carry your shopping bags, iron your clothes yourself, do dishes manually, you will feel the change in your body soon. You can always start yoga and aerobics. Not only are they good for weight lose, but they also make your body flexible and durable.

It’s All So Simple

Just some minor changes in your life towards a healthier lifestyle and you will feel the change. Losing weight is not a big deal if you take it easy and patiently. If you will hurry in things, you will only end up damaging your body and health. Drink a lot of water, walk a lot, eat fruits, and see the difference being made.

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Is Blushing A Problem?

We all blush when we hear a joke, see something inappropriate or our crush. It is natural but when we start Blushing every time we meet people and have to do something in front of people like giving a presentation then we need to think about it. The extreme redness on the skin is not natural. The blush on the face means the redness of your cheeks and the feeling of burning cheeks. Your blood circulation increases and your cheeks become so red. You should pay attention towards overcoming this situation as it may ruin your confidence.

Why We Blush?

Well, it is an interesting question that why we blush. As we have stated earlier that we blush in many situations and it is normal. The problem arises when our cheeks start getting so red more often even if there is nothing to be embarrassed. You have to attend a meeting in the office and boss takes your name for something, you start Blushing. You have to give a presentation in the class, your cheeks get red. And you have to attend an event where there would be many people your cheeks start burning. It is not natural and you need to stop this.


You can control it by sending a message to your sub-conscious mind that you can handle this situation and there is no need to blush. How would you deliver this message to your mind? The answer is quite simple. Just make yourself confident enough to handle the jokes and ignore if you see something in appropriate. Think you did not blush in the past and you will never blush.

  • Handle The Stress:

If you are stressed due to any reason then try to divert your attention. Do not show others that you are stressed. Trust yourself that you will be out of this stressful situation soon.

  • Do Not Be Nervous:

Mostly we become nervous before a presentation. If you are going to present something in front of audience just think that you can do it easily. The people who are sitting in front of you are humans and they will not eat you. Take a deep breath to make yourself normal.

  • Forget About Redness:

When you are having a conversation, do not look around. Just maintain an eye contact as it will make the other person feel that you are a confident person. Forget about the redness on your cheeks. Think as you have never blushed and there is no redness on your cheeks at the moment. It will make you feel confident and calm. The redness on your cheeks will be reduced and you will be able to better talk to other person.

Sometimes it happens that you do a mistake in the gathering and fear that people will laugh. To avoid this situation point out your mistake by yourself before others do it. It will help you to take the situation lightly and other people would also not take it seriously.